Team Members currently. We maintain existing teaming relationships with large and small firms and have the relationships to draw upon multiple pools of talented professionals from our partners as needed. We are well prepared to bring on team members for Seaport-e task orders.


TFC supports our federal clients with teams of seasoned, experienced federal audit managers, accountants, and subject matter specialists. We also serve as the proxy for internal audit functions, assisting management in the detection and prevention of problems in advance of audit review. We help clients enhance the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of their financial data and internal controls. Our portfolio of Federal Financial Management Services includes:

• Internal Control Review and Assessment

• Financial Reporting, Compliance, and Accounting Operations

• Data Analytics and Optimization

• IT Security Review and Assessment

• Financial Statement Audit, Compliance Audit, and Performance Audit

• Improper Payments (IPIA/IPERA/IPERIA) Support

• Accounting Support, Staff Augmentation/Outsourcing Back Office using Oracle, Momentum, PeopleSoft

• Accountability Reporting, Compliance, and Monitoring

• Budget and Performance Integration

• Performance Measurement and Reporting


A summary of our experience over the past 3 years across the Seaport-e functional areas is provided below. This information is current as of August 2016, and will be updated as required.

Quality Assurance Support (QA)

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) – TFC provided program management support services to review and analyze the current Management Evaluation (ME) and Financial Management Review (FMR) processes. TFC developed a detailed QA Guidebook and used a risk-based approach to test the QA implementation plan and Guidebook by conducting field testing and sampling of selected ME/FMR reports in each of FNS's Regional Offices.

Training Support

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) – TFC provided training related to internal controls. Examples of training or information sessions included: (1) SAMHSA's risk assessment process and risk perception heat map; and, (2) Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act of 1982 (FMFIA) and OMB Circular A- 123 and (3) SAMHSA's annual internal control assessment and reporting process.

TFC uses industry's best practices to bring quality human development experiences to the federal government's total workforce, including its employees, consultants, and subcontractors. We rely on a systematic approach to training development and standard practices for effective knowledge transfer to adult learners. TFC often leverages the ADDIE model – Analysis, Design, Development, Implement, and Evaluate – which has been certified as the standard for DoD and OPM. Our organizational assets include forms, templates, and aids for every stage of the ADDIE model.


Program Support

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) – TFC assisted with drafting policies and procedures for accounting related tasks, including drafting the documents, disseminating for review and approval, addressing comments or questions from the reviewers, and supporting the clearance for the document to final issuance. As one example, TFC developed standard operating procedures for Funds Management and Oversight for President's Emergency Relief Plan for Aids Relief (PEPFAR) program.


Functional Administrative Support

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Program Support Center (PSC) – TFC provided services in the areas of accounting, analysis, and administrative support for tasks related to Inter-and Intra-Governmental Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. TFC performs financial transaction processing, including verifying invoices for payment, performing account analyses and reconciliations, performing management analysis (and process improvement), and administrative tasks such as reports and correspondence with vendors, customers, and federal agencies.



TFC has qualified program/project management and Quality Assurance resources that monitor the progress and quality of a program/project including financial, technical, and quality aspects of our performance and deliverables. TFC uses a Project Management Institute (PMI)-based approach in the development and implementation of standard procedures to operate all of our services contracts. Our approach builds quality controls into every Statement of Work (SOW) activity to ensure the results of our management practices deliver value in our solutions and final deliverables. Key elements of our Quality Control Strategy include the following areas:


• Quality Planning/Quality Baseline

• Quality Assurance

• Quality Control

• Continuous Improvement

• Quality Reporting


TFC's innovative management approach to quality assurance and quality control is an integral part of our mission to harness the collective attributes, skills, and experience of our management team, subject matter experts (SMEs), individual contributors, and subcontractors working in support of the SeaPort-e contract. TFC's Quality Management Program is predicated upon the use of outcome and output measures as well as process metrics. Outcome Measures compare a program result or activity to its intended purpose. We define outcome as a statement of the Navy's expectation of the mission-related results TFC will provide in a particular area.


The foundation of TFC's Quality Management Program is based on prevention rather than correction. Every step possible is taken to avert errors, omissions, discrepancies, and deficiencies. TFC's goal is to achieve the highest quality standards at the most efficient and economic level consistent with the project's goals and objectives.


Our Quality Assurance processes can be tailored for specific task orders or conformed to a customer's Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP).


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